• Produktová fotografia fľaše Frndžalica | BOLD



A new liquor brand Frndzalica needed to successfully enter the Slovakian market and gain traction. Introduction of its first product was, therefore, extremely important. It was necessary for the brand to achieve the right positioning and start selling right away.


Frndzalica is a premium alcoholic beverage. Its target audience is composed of local patriots that appreciate traditional Slovakian spirits suitable for special moments and occasions. The premium segment is, however, dominated by a handful of established brands with excellent marketing. Frndzalica’s presentation, therefore, had to meet high quality standards and make the best possible impression.

Product Photography

Quality product photos that will enable Frndzalica to compete with other established brands.

Promotional Graphics

Impressive banners and advertising graphics tailored for use in advertising campaigns.

Product Photography

The liquor bottle was photographed against a white background. The final photo was then suited to be used on flyers in large supermarket chains that were one of the main distribution channels for the product launch.

Frndzalica liquor product photography | BOLD


Apart from the design of sales materials, we also created a brand positioning campaign that set out to define the brand and help position it in the right market segment. Created graphics were published in a number of popular lifestyle magazines that enabled the brand to build a desired identity.

Frndzalica catalogue promotional graphics | BOLD

Promotional graphics

Product photos were further employed in a range of promotional graphics. We based the design on the theme of a forrest and bandits. This motif is strongly tied to the brand name's origins, and through the creation of desirable associations it helped bring the brand closer to the desired target audience.

Frndzalica promotional graphics | BOLD
Frndzalica rolling banners | BOLD


The product launch was very successful. The first testing batch of 5,000 bottles was sold out within a first few months, and positive sales results laid solid foundation for the introduction of new products as well as Frndanzlica’s future expansion to surrounding markets.


Sold bottles

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