BOLD Digital is a digital marketing agency that takes pride in pushing companies with big ambitions forward. Our mission is to help them become better regardless of whether their goal is to strive against the best at home or successfully compete abroad.

Why us?

You have to make something BOLD in order to get yourself noticed. When working with us, you will get an edge in the following areas simultaneously.

Effective marketing strategy

No one knows your customers better than you. Together we will define an effective marketing strategy that will help take your business or campaign off the ground and be a stepping stone to future growth.

improved presentation

We will polish and improve the presentation of your products or services, thanks to which the perceived value in the eyes of your customers will increase and make a positive impact on the revenue.

Effective advertising & marketing

We will streamline your business communication and adjust it to the language of your customers. Through the use of advertising campaigns, we will reach out to relevant target audience.

Help with expanding abroad

With the help of our network of translators, we can localise your marketing presentation, adjust it to the local culture and make you ready to compete internationally.


Michal Hmirak

Michal Hmirak

Managing Director

Michal has worked in marketing for the past decade. During this time, he was involved in assisting big multinational companies as well as startups. His specialty are marketing strategies and making sure that created campaigns yield the best possible results.

Juraj Micka

Juraj Micka

Digital Specialist & Designer

While working abroad across three continents and four countries, Juraj found himself at home with digital marketing and all things design. He is also an excellent copywriter who can write an interesting article on any topic.

Marian Svitek

Marian Svitek


Marian is a true professional in product photography and marketing. He has gained bags of valuable experience from various industries. You would be hard-pressed to find someone more suitable for creating a better presentation of your product portfolio.


Martinka Valaskova

Project manager

Martina loves to keep things neat and organised. Her biggest strength is time management. She takes care of the most minute details and goes leaps and bounds for her clients. Managing complex projects comes easy to her.

Tomas Jacko

Tomas Jacko

Business Development Manager

Tom is a gifted communicator. Six years of study in England and his extensive experience with education and language services taught him the importance of putting the client first. Whether he is communicating with a fresh startupist or a director of an international corporation, Tom makes sure he meets the needs of each and every client.

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