Archstyl Architects needed to make a change in their brand positioning and manifest themselves as a successful architecture and design studio. In the early days, the company focused predominantly on designing bathrooms and kitchens, but now it wanted to expand into interior design and architecture. In order to be able to get lucrative accounts, they needed to redefine their outward-facing presentation and behaviour from the ground up.


We opted for a simple but effective strategy. Its key components were professional presentation and SEO-optimised website further supported by marketing and advertising campaigns on Facebook, Google and Youtube.

New corporate identity

Logo, colour scheme and marketing materials in cutting-edge design that is visually appealing and represents the company’s values.

Modern responsive web

A website that creates credibility with customers. Thanks to SEO optimisation and carefully selected keywords, it also attracts new visitors who are actively searching for the respective services.

Professional photos

Professional photos of interiors and architecture used to enhance the company’s positioning in the desired market segment.

Portfolio & blog

Quality blog content with abundance of useful information for customers, generating the majority of website traffic.

Social media marketing

Carefully targeted social media campaigns focused on driving traffic to the website.

AdWords PPC Campaigns

Utilising Google AdWords campaigns to secure the highest ranking in the search results of potential customers who are actively searching for services of an architect or an interior designer.

Corporate Identity

Previous corporate identity was based on a combination of red, white and black colours and basic typography. We discovered that the colour scheme wasn't very flexible and it was difficult to combine it with other elements when used on promotional materials. We simplified it through using a monochromatic logo and display font. By doing this, we put the spotlight on content and let the actual logo gently blend into the background.

Logo and identity design for Archstyl Architects | BOLD

Modern Website

The new website’s goal was to improve portfolio and service presentation and outshine competitors. Often times, potential customers base their decisions solely on the Internet research. Archstyl Architects didn’t want to leave anything to chance and they decided to invest into modern design, SEO and quality presentation and content.

  • Tvorba webu pre Archstyl | BOLD



Traffic increase


bounce rate decrease


time on the website


Integral part of the whole presentation were professional photos. The company lays big emphasis on quality, and it wanted make sure this is clear from its presentation at the very first glance. Interestingly, the high standard of our photos stirred notable interest among national magazines, the editors of which were falling over themselves for the right to publish them in their next issue.

Archstyl presentation in catalogue Atrium | BOLD




Blog articles


Content pages


Out of all social media channels, Facebook proved to be the most effective for the purposes of this project. We set up a company profile and started working on creating a strong community of people who share a common interest in interior design and architecture. We provided them with quality content, blog articles full of useful information, video and beautiful photographs that attracted a lot of attention. After a while, people started to regularly seek out this platform for initiating contact with the company and showing their interest in its services.

Facebook marketing | BOLD


Community members




Advertising campaigns

Final outcome

Archstyl successfully managed to enter a market segment where more affluent customers can appreciate and afford their services. More importantly, demand greatly outnumbered supply which resulted in creating jobs and laid solid foundations for future growth.

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