Toptime needed to increase sales of luxury watches in their online store. They asked us for help with the content creation for blog articles they were going to publish online. Their target audience is composed of experts and fans of expensive timepieces who can appreciate quality content and detailed photos depicting even the most minute details each the watch.


Surprisingly many high-end watch resellers, including Toptime, don’t have a quality online portfolio. Instead, they mostly rely on sales in their retail locations, and as a result have low online sales. Expensive products sold online need to be presented in a high-end fashion so that they can justify their high price tag. That’s what we based our strategy on.

Product Photography

Professional photos showcasing watches and their features in various settings.

Promotional Graphics

Banners created for use on the online store and for online marketing.

Product Photography

Watches were photographed against white background as well as other luxury-evoking surroundings. We predominantly focused on capturing captivating functions and details with the intention to create a wow effect.

Product photography for Squale model

Promotional Graphics

We used selected watch models for display in banner ads that were further used to promote the products on Toptime’s own website and in Google Display Network. Visually interesting banners can always draw attention better than plain text ads.

Banner design for online marketing| BOLD

Content marketing

Blog articles were in fact detailed reviews of selected watches. Potential customers were presented in them with a lot more information than they are used to. Striking visual presentation alongside a credible review greatly enhances one’s chances for making a sale, whether it’s high-end watches or other products.

  • Hodinky Squale Atmos a Dwiss Black/Blue | BOLD

Crowdfunding Campaigns

Photos that we created happened to attract attention of the watch manufacturers themselves. They liked them so much that they decided to use them in their crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter, Indiegogo and even at a Watch & Clock Fair in Hong Kong. In the end, the campaigns managed to raise more than 800,000 USD.

Dwiss Kickstarter campaign | BOLD

final outcome

The content marketing campaign was received very well with the fanbase as well as customers, and definitely helped Toptime get noticed. In addition, the sales of watched we decided to feature in the campaign rose on average 100 to 1,500%.


Sales increase of selected models

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