A Thai legal and business consultancy firm based in Bangkok managed to established itself as a reputable legal service provider during its five years of existence. A small team grew into a medium-sized company that served predominantly middle class customers. What stood in the way of future growth were, however, an ageing website and inconsistent presentation of the company.


Strong competition in the legal sector alongside the fact that most customers are acquired on the Internet demanded that the website contained easily accessible and digestible information, and was at the same time was to discover in search results. Therefore, we set out to improve organic ranking of the website in search engines and enhance accessibility and organisation of its information.

Responsive website

A website that is accessible to customers regardless of their device, whether viewed from a mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer.

Information architecture

Content revision and reorganisation aimed at simplifying the website’s navigation and making it easy for users to find desired information.

Blog articles

Useful content created to proactively answer many legal questions and increase website traffic.

Graphic Design

Design and unification of the company’s presentation and materials for reinforcing existing client-business relationships and making a better impression in the eyes of customers.

Responsive website

The original website was too busy and worked well only on desktop devices. Since about 50% of all visitors accessed the website from a smartphone or tablet, the website automatically alienated one half of its audience. By implementing responsiveness we made it accessible to all devices. Moreover, the content underwent thorough revision and reconstruction and became easily searchable, regardless of the device used.

IA responsive website | BOLD


Reorganised pages


Accessible website


Bounce rate decrease

SEO & blog articles

Foreign language and cultural differences result in many questions in the heads of entrepreneurs and investors entering the country. Proactive approach to this problem lied in creating a knowledge base consisting of useful blog articles. Those often times served as an entry point to the website.



Time spent on the website




Traffic increase

Graphic Design

Even though majority of the firm’s clientele consisted of returning customers, the company was falling behind in reinforcing long-term client-business relationships. We, therefore, offered creation of brochures that would be handed in at meetings and other occasions. By obtaining quality presentation materials, customers could be reassured about their decision and also find more information about other complementary services.

Trifold brochure for Interactive Associates | BOLD

Final outcome

Thanks to reinstalled website responsiveness, the company’s services became accessible to a larger audience, which in turn opened door for future expansion. Simplified navigation on the website, SEO keyword optimisation and focusing on blog articles further contributed to the growth of organic traffic and helped decrease dependency on the existing costly AdWords campaign.

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